Commercial Cleaning


Commercial and office cleaning services

We don’t allow less than amazing work when working for your business. We are available all the time, and able to adapt to your specifications.

You only get one chance to make your first impression. Your clients will judge a messy office; we make sure your business is always looking its best. No matter how big your business or small your office is, we can help. You can trust our cleaning professionals to do an excellent and thorough job each and every visit. Your customized commercial/business cleaning plan will include every area you need to be cleaned. Your customers and employees will be thrilled with your business’s excellent and clean condition with our service. From your break room to your bathrooms, your lobby, to your conference rooms, every area of your space will be taken care of.

We provide all of the cleaning supplies and equipment that we use unless you prefer we use what you provide. If you have special requests, just ask, and you will get them! We use commercial vacuums on every job. These special high-power vacuums have a filtration system inside that traps even the smallest particles. Every day is started with a new filtration bag, so old dirt never makes it into your surroundings.

Office Cleaning Checklist:

Reception and Waiting Areas

  • Window sills, baseboards, a/c vents, tables dusted.
  • Water dispensers sanitized and cleaned.
  • Trash receptacles emptied.
  • Scent freshener.
  • Reception desk-tops, cabinets, phones, and computer components dusted.


Board Rooms and Meeting Rooms:

Table dusted, conditioned (per construction material).

  • Glass table top cleaned and squeegeed 100% spot and blemish-free.
  • Baseboards, a/c vents dusted.
  • Windows, screens, and clear surfaces squeegeed.
  • Computer monitors/components, phones, and other equipment dusted and wiped.

Break Rooms and Kitchen Areas:

  • Refrigerator, microwave emptied, and sanitized.
  • Sink, tables, and floor disinfected.
  • Countertops completely wiped and sanitized.
  • Extra attention paid to the coffee dispenser area.
  • Special consideration on vending machines and components.



  • Sinks wiped clean and sanitized, soap dispensers refilled.
  • Mirror wiped clean, squeegeed, and 100% spot-free.
  • Toilet and urinals wiped clean and disinfected.
  • Post-plumbing repair disinfecting and cleaning.
  • Individual stall walls wiped and sanitized.

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